Good news: Weyer Gain the Reputation Again

Good news: Weyer Gain the Reputation Again

Recently, the Shanghai Electric Appliance co.,ltd through the recognition of hi-tech enterprises, awarded “high-tech enterprise certificate” by the Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology, Shanghai Bureau of Finance, state administration of taxation and local taxation bureau of Shanghai four units of Shanghai jointly, Since 2011,Weyer has won it again.

In recent years, the company continues to increase spending on research and development to carry out transformation and upgrading, high-tech products shares in the marketing increases year by year. On the one hand, promoting transformation of scientific actively. On the other hand, promoting the cultivation of innovative talents and the introduction of science and technology, make the enterprise core independent intellectual property rights proportion is much higher than a high and new technology enterprise “rigid” data to declare.

Through the review, which is not to the enterprise technology innovation strength and remarkable achievements of affirmation, is also the embodiment of the initial results were obtained in transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and strengthen the company’s brand influence, better and faster development laid a solid foundation for the company. In the future, in accordance with the company will give full play to the advantages of high and new technology enterprise and the leading role, through the protection of intellectual property rights, increase investment in scientific research, expanding manufacture-learning-research cooperation, build talent to build a new system of technological innovation, promote enterprise’s core competitiveness, make a greater contribution to social development.


Post time: Jun-16-2020