Flexible Metallic Conduit

  • Liquid Tight Conduit With PVC PU Sheathing

    Liquid Tight Conduit With PVC PU Sheathing

    JSB plastic-coated metal hose is referred to as thickened plastic-coated tube. It is a PVC layer coated with a thickened layer on the wall core of the JS structure. The external smoothing makes it easier to clean.
  • JSG-Type Enhanced Conduit

    JSG-Type Enhanced Conduit

    JSG hose is a galvanized steel wire with good corrosion resistance braided on the wall core of JS tube, and has good heat resistance, used in high temperature environment.
  • Metal Conduit

    Metal Conduit

    The structures of PVC/PU sheathing metal conduit are Strip-wound galvanized metallic conduit, hooked profile PVC sheathing and Zinc plated steel belt winding, hooked structure, TPU sheathing. The flame-retardant is V0 (UL94). Protection degree is IP68.
  • Metal Conduit

    Metal Conduit

    Short description The protection degree is IP40. Properties of metal conduit is flexible, stretch, lateral compression resistant. The structure is zinc plated steel belt wound, hooked profile and strip-wound galvanized metallic conduit.
  • Stainless Steel Conduit

    Stainless Steel Conduit

    Stainless steel metal hose is an important part in modern industry. Stainless steel metal hoses are used as wire and cable protection tubes for wires, cables, automated instrument signals, and civil shower hoses, with specifications from 3mm to 150mm. The small-diameter stainless steel metal hose (inner diameter 3mm-25mm) is mainly used for the protection of the sensor circuit of the precision optical ruler and the protection of the industrial sensor circuit.
  • Metal Conduit With PVC Sheathing

    Metal Conduit With PVC Sheathing

    The protective tubes used to wear wires and cables in various fields are generally flame-retardant PVC-coated metal hoses, which can not only protect wires and cables, but also prevent electrical spark leakage; they can also arrange the lines and achieve beautiful effects.
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