2020 Quality Inspection Skills Competition Held Successfully

Craftsmanship, Quality First

—2020 Quality Inspection Skills Competition Held Successfully

Since its establishment, Weyer Electric has always adhered to the vision of "creating an excellent brand and building century-old enterprise", perseveringly adhere to high-standard products, strictly control quality, continue to promote the spirit of craftsmanship, and promote product quality from generation to generation upgrade, provide customers with better products and better services. In order to improve the awareness of product quality of all employees, strengthen employees' understanding, familiarity and implementation of product quality standards and process standards, and further enhance product quality, the 2020 quality inspection skills competition is grandly opened.


The 2020 Quality Inspection Skills Competition was grandly held in Hangtou Factory on October 21-23, 2020. The purpose of this competition is to stimulate the enthusiasm of inspectors, improve the comprehensive quality and practical ability of inspectors, and cultivate quality awareness of all employees. All quality staff participated and attached importance to quality, to promote continuous improvement of product quality to meet market and customer needs.


This competition includes the inspection of injection molding, metal, and outsourcing parts and components, which are divided into 4 groups. They are 5 people for injection molding inspection in Group A, 5 for metal inspection in Group B, and 5 for incoming materials, shipment and assembly inspection in Group C. There are 5 group D coil conduit inspectors, mold inspectors, experimenters, and surveyors. Participants are required to inspect the samples according to the drawings or inspection specifications within the specified time to determine whether the product is qualified or not, and list the inspection results. Each person inspects 15 products, and scores according to the inspection accuracy and inspection efficiency. 10 points will be deducted for each wrong inspection or missed inspection. The inspection results are judged and completed by the referee and the chief referee. At the same time, the technical department, the administrative personnel department, the labor union, the production department and the workshop directors are invited to supervise and evaluate on site.


The contestants, based on the competition principle of "don't miss any defect, don't lower any quality standard", calmly face the strict assessment, showing superb professionalism and competition standards. After fierce competition, Zhang Hua won the first prize and the honorary title of "Quality Expert" with a high score of 128 points. Li Weihua and Tian Yuankui won the second prize. Zhang Sen, Jiang Juanjuan and Wang Mingming won the third prize. Ye Jinshuai and Sun Yaowei won the "Newcomer Encouragement Award".


The company’s production vice president Liu Honggang, administrative personnel director Dong Huifen, financial director Wang Wenping, planning department manager Wang Yirong, storage and transportation manager Long Zhongming, production manager Hou Yajun, technical department manager Xu Chonghua, and equipment manager Lu Chun attended the quality Inspect the skill competition award ceremony, and give awards to the winners and take a group photo.


Through this competition, employees' enthusiasm for learning quality knowledge was fully mobilized, and a quality co-governance atmosphere of “everyone values quality” was also created, laying a solid foundation for further consolidating product quality results and improving quality. In the future, WEYER people will continue to make progress through continuous efforts to provide customers with higher-quality products and services, so that users can rest assured!

Post time: Nov-11-2020