Connector for Steel and Plastic Tubing

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external: nickel-plated brass with one end and polyamide with the
other end Internal seal: modified rubber. IP68 (threaded sealant at threaded connection) protection degree. Temperature range is min-40℃, max100℃, short-term 120℃.

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Plastic Connector
Steel Conduit Connector

Introduction of Connector


Connector for Steel and Plastic Tubing
Material External: nickel-plated brass with one end and Polyamide with theother end Internal seal: modified rubber
Temperature range Min-40°C, max100°C, short-term120°C
Protection degree IP68(threaded sealant at threaded connection)
Function Connectors are mainly for PA tubing and steel conduit to connect
Fit with All tubing except heavy duty type WYK tubing

Tech Specification

Article no. L Wrench size Fits to Tubing Size steel conduit outer and tolerance Packet
KPA-Dg mm mm mm mm units
KPA10-Dg10 51 17 AD10.0 Φ10±0.5 25
KPA13-Dg15 52 24 AD13.0 Φ15±0.5 25
KPA15.8-Dg15 56 24 AD15.8 Φ15±0.5 25
KPA18.5-Dg25 73 36 AD18.5 Φ25±0.5 20
KPA21.2-Dg25 73 36 AD21.2 Φ25±0.5 20
KPA28.5-Dg32 73 46 AD28.5 Φ32±0.5 10
KPA28.5-Dg34 73 46 AD28.5 Φ34±0.5 10
KPA34.5-Dg42 82 55 AD34.5 Φ42±0.5 5
KPA42.5-Dg38 86 55 AD42.5 Φ38±0.5 5
KPA42.5-Dg40 86 55 AD42.5 Φ40±0.5 5
KPA42.5-Dg42 86 55 AD42.5 Φ42±0.5 5
KPA54.5-Dg51 88 65 AD54.5 Φ51±0.5 5
KPA54.5-Dg52 88 65 AD54.5 Φ52±0.5 5

Advantages of Connector for Steel and Plastic Tubing

Save time

Easy to Install


With diversified performance, it can meet the needs of merchants in different industries.

Pictures of Plastic Connector

Polyamide Tubing Connector
Connector for Plastic Tubing

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